Production of Nannochloropsis sp


Nannochloropsis is a small green alga used widely in the aquaculture industry for growing zooplankton as feed for the rotifers and green water technique. It is also used to feed corals and other filters animals.

Nanno Monzon is a product that looks like thick paste, with a litre of our product can make seaweed farming 4m3.

Our product is available in 0.5-liter bags.

Nanno Monzón will not hurt your cropping system. The cells are 99% intact and kept in suspension with minimal movement.


  • Fish hatcheries: Nannochloropsis is the best food for growing rotifers. It has a high content of EPA and can be frozen for a long period. It also works well for green water.
  • Shellfish hatcheries: works very well with shellfish.


  • Inoculum/li>
  • Cultivation of rotifers
  • EPA Enrichment
  • Green water


Nanno Monzón can be stored for 3 months (best to keep from -1 to +3 º C). If it is frozen, it can stay 2 years that way. Our suggestion is that when not used immediately, should be frozen.

Nutritional Profile

(% of dry weight from algae)
Fatty acids   %
C12:0  Lauric acid 0,26
C14:0  Myristic acid 3,71
C15:0  Pentadecanoic acid 0,65
C16:0  Palmitic 16,45
C16:1  Palmitoleic acid 22,35
C17:0  Heptadecanoic acid (Margaric) 0,22
C18:0  Stearic 0,32
C18:1 9c  Oleic acid 3,30
C18:3n6  Linolenic acid 0,66
C18:3n3  Linolenic 3,15
C20:3n6 8,11,14c  Eicosatetraenoic acid 1,01
C20:3n3  cis-11, 14, 17-Eicosatrienoic 0,24
C20:4n6  arachidonic  ( ARA) 5,63
C20:5n3 5,8,11,14,17c  eicosapentaenoic acid EPA 34,04


analyzed fat ( per dw) extractable lipids ( dw) ash (dw) Proteins ( dw)
10,25 20,36 14.87 54,50

You can access to the detailed nutitrional profile of the Nannochloropsis sp.


Nanno Monzón can not be used to start viable cultures. The cells are not damaged but after the harvest process, lose their viability to grow.

This lack of viable offers some advantages:

  • Nutritional profile stable, because growing algae need nutrients and profile changes with respect thereto. Not be feasible to maintain their properties to grow over time.
  • Higher concentrations,with living algae cell density is lower while with this concentrated product increases the cell density per ml in order to feed their crops.
  • Easy to catch, o animals that consume these algae is easier to catch and eat them quickly; because Nannochloropsis is no mobile so their animals do not spend energy in the capture, so use it to grow.
  • It stimulates the growth of bacteria, because they are not alive. They remain in suspension for 1-2 days with minimal movement.

Other important informationBalsas

The water used is not from the ocean, which minimizes the risk of contamination.

Our culture systems are outdoor pools.