Nannochloropsis sp


Microalgae are microscope organisms which can be found as part of marine plankton.
Large number of microalgae species with different varieties and characteristics make up/composed marine phytoplankton.
Monzon Biotech has specialized in growing microalgae.

Nannochloropsis sp

This microalgae can be found in marine environments. Characteristic for his diameter between 2-3 μm and its thick cellular wall.

But what really characterizes this microalgae is its capacity of store high concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids, mainly omega 3 (EPA). This characteristic, plus the high amount of proteins presents in this microalgae,  gives to Nannochloropsis a very interesting nutritional profile.

Green water techniques
Feeding rotifers
Feeding filter feeders
Feeding corals
Extruded formulations for animals and humans

Freeze dried powder
Freeze dried powder capsules
Refrigerated paste
Frozen pastes

Dunaliella salina

It’s an halophile microalga that grow in high salt concentrations, this fact reduces drastically the possibilities that pathogenic microorganisms can grow up. Lives in environments with a high solar radiation, this is the reason why Dunaliella generates β-carotene to protect himself.

Dunaliella salina is rich in carotenoids, mainly β-carotene. This carotenoid is well-known for being the precursor of Vitamin A, therefore essential for the visual health.

Our microalgae are grown under unique conditions that allow as to have cells with a high β-carotene content, reaching between 5– 7% of this pigment.

Its nutritional profile and its antioxidant properties, makes these microalgae a suitable product for cosmetic and nutritional areas.

Animal feed

Freeze dried powder
Freeze dried powder capsules
Refrigerated paste


Mix of microalgae in a mineral suspension. This product has been designed for feeding filter feeders.

This combination of two microalgae enhance the nutritional value and allow to obtain a product rich in vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and minerals, providing most of the necessary nutrients these organisms need.

Phytoceanic has been tested in order to keep it at room temperature, without the need to keep it refrigerated.


Mix in a mineral suspension


Our biosecure products are used for feeding rotifers, filter feeders and larvae.

Animal nutrition

Our microalgae helps to improve the health of your pet providing it most of the essential nutrients needed.


Addressed to the aquarium filter feeders with the aim of obtaining the best nutritional contribution.


Microalgae extracts with properties of high cosmetic value and skin protection.

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